Feliz Cumpleanos, Piazzolla

I woke up and turned on the radio rather late this morning, so I missed most of the Piazzolla tribute tunes Alyssa Clancy put on her Morning Cup of Jazz show on KCSM 😦 So I’ve been blasting my own little tribute on the CD player of what I think are the best CDs he made (i.e. my favorites), the three series of La Camorra, Tango: Zero Hour and Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night (Tango Apasionado), all released on Nonesuch.

It’s been one of those trying weeks in terms of customer service.
When I brought in the painting (rolled up) to the frame shop, there were no creases. When I picked up the painting there were three ‘scratches’ on my painting: they claim it was due to the thin canvas and thin layer of paint that the fold creases (in shipping) became visible when stretched. It’s mildly plausible, but highly doubtful. I was so pissed. Suffice to say, I’m not going back to Arts and Frames Unlimited in Mountain View again.

And I am so NOT using FedEx for shipping packages ever again. I should have gone to UPS, but I was closer to the FedEx Kinko’s. FedEx has poor customer service, compounded by a complete lack of transparency on shipping rates, which is incredible, when their bread-and-butter business is, well, shipping.
When you have one set of information of rates on your website but a different (but higher-priced) range of options in the store, that’s a problem. When you call up their customer service and explain the issue, and the operator says “Next time you should call us on the phone, because we know what we’re doing, and the store clerks don’t know anything,” that’s sad.

When you go back to store to ask for the lower rate and an adjustment, based on the information on the website and the phone-based customer service, and the store clerk says “I only got what the computer offers, and those phone operators don’t know what they’re talking about,” that’s tragic. Employees badmouthing each other. Not a good sign.

I expect convenience and consistency if I’m paying through the nose for services; I’m outraged at on Fedex’s incompetence and lack of coordination and communication. Time to dump their stock!


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