Lazy plastic rebel

When I’m in a rebellious, devil-may-care mood, I . . . go shopping without bringing my own bag and . . . have the items bagged into the plastic bags provided by the store! Like I did yesterday at the Milk Pail.

Actually, since we haven’t made it to farmer’s market for two weeks in a row, I needed to stock up on produce. Whenever this happens, I usually buy stuff that is not available at farmer’s market, usually from another country (gasp!). Since I’m shopping at a store anyway, might has well get stuff we normally don’t eat.

So I bought comice and d’anjou pears, Mexican mangoes, and a lotus root. (I don’t go to Asian grocery stores much either). I’m boiling the lotus root in home-made stock right now, because I like that crunchy yet slightly stringy texture (almost like melted cheese on pizza string). It’ll be soup

I think the pears were giving me a little gas because they’re not ripe enough.

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