Nowruz snacks

I walked into Rose Market, thinking I’d pick up some milk (if they had organic), and was greeted by displays of flowers, offerings and growing grass. Oh yeah, Persian New Year is coming up. I don’t know that much about it, except that they have offerings of seven things that start with the letter ‘S’, usually including garlic. And, better for foreigners like me, they have a great selection of sweets that are seasonal. I bought three boxes: a honey/almond brittle with cardamom (oops, not pistachio) sprinkles on top; a walnut cookie that’s the size of a half dollar, and rather chewy, but not too sweet; and something incongruously labeled in English as ‘baklava’, but is more like an almond-cardamom fudge flavored with rose-water, again with cardamom sprinkles. Very tasty. Joe and I tend to like their snacks, because they incorporate a lot of nuts. But Joe doesn’t like the rosewater that is commonly used to impart fragrance.

Looking at the squiggles in Farsi that I can’t understand, I’m sure they have very unique names. And I wish I knew what they were.

There were also more recognizable things I didn’t get (gotta draw the line somewhere!), like nougat with pistachio or almonds, and dry little cookies that are made of chickpea flour which I didn’t think I’d like (look rather like Indian burfi), and marzipan-type almond paste candies, as well as butter cookies and puff pastry cookies.

I didn’t get the milk.


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