Someplace where they drive crazier than in Thailand . . .

I just finished reading Peter Hessler’s new book Country Driving. Of course I highly recommend it. The first part is about how he actually rents a car and drives around China, mostly following the Great Wall.

(I told April about it. Actually she was the first person to recommend River Town, Hessler’s first book, to me. We jokingly considered quitting our day jobs, getting Indian drivers’ licenses and then driving around India, and then writing a book about it too. Imagine two Chinese-American women driving around India in a geezerly white Ambassador, that would be such a hoot! Actually there was one season of Amazing Race where the challenge was for the contestants to pass an Indian driver’s license test!)

Country Driving is actually split into three parts. One of the other parts is about a factory that makes bra rings (the little metal notion to hold the straps). It was a little deja vu reading it: then I realised I had read an article in the National Geographic that he wrote and now incorporated into the book.


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