Lychee at $2 a pound

Since we got invited to not just one, but two BBQs for 4th July (people love us, they really do!), I had to go stock up on ingredients at Milk Pail: avocados for guacamole; apples and oranges (out-of-season!) for sangria, and Crunchfuls cereal (alas, they were out of caramel flavor, so I had to get chocolate!) There were also some fresh lychee for sale at $2 a pound. I didn’t ask where they came from, and bought a handful. When I got home and tried them, they were pretty fairly sweet. I should get go back and get some more.

In the garden, the patty pan squash are kicking in. The bush beans may almost be done. I made a stir-fry of squash, beans, basil from the garden, plus some trumpet mushrooms tonight. The tomatoes are late bloomers/ripeners this year; I don’t think anyone has harvested any yet. We’ve also got peppers.

Sadly, there’s been some outsiders stealing from the garden. My neighbor’s raspberries and strawberries have been closed to stripped; she’s especially upset because she needs to make jam for the upcoming state fair competition. (Her plot is smack-dab in front on the entrance gate.)

I have been a bit neglectful of the garden, having spent most of June watching World Cup. Next week, I need to spend a day in there to properly weed and fertilize.

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