Viva the Red, White and Black

So Mubarak gave Egpytians a cliffhanger with a happy ending. Thursday, he asserted he’d stay on, to their fury. And then Friday, resigning, after all. (Wow, where did they get the fireworks from, so quickly? Such optimists!)

It was the day after the protests started. I was talking to a friend of mine, who mentioned she had plans to visit Egypt on a tour this spring. “Well, given the demonstrations, maybe when you go, they won’t take you to the Egyptian Museum near Tahrir Square, but give you more time to ride a camel around the Sphinx instead,” I joked.

Of course, as time went on the protests escalated. I was thinking, oh no, she might not get to go. But now, she probably would

I’m amazed at the power of social media and the skills and talents of these youths, to achieve the toppling of a dictator 18 days. In those same 18 days, I have done diddly squat, nothing of note except eat, sleep, read the newspaper and surf the net.

I’m happy that it happened with relatively little bloodshed and loss of life. The Egyptian military behaved with circumspect restraint by not firing on the protesters. (Unlike in Thailand last April.) I can only hope, that in this intemediate period where the military received transfer of power, they don’t hold onto it and turn Egypt into a military-led oligarchy in which Egyptians remain repressed politically and economically.


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