Coffee jello

I’ve been making cold-brewed coffee, since it’s summertime. It’s very simple. Grind beans. Pour 1/3 cup coffee grounds and 1.5 cups of room temperature water in a glass jar and let it sit overnight. Strain, and store the coffee in the fridge.

However, my current work gig has me commuting to Oakland, so I don’t really have time to enjoy the cold coffee (really, the nice foggy mornings call for hot coffee, or a HK-style milk tea from Shooting Star in Chinatown.) So I made coffee jello simply by using the recipe for almond jello, but substituting the cold coffee for the milk and almond extract. It’s a black coffee jello. I guess I could keep the milk in if I wanted milk-coffee jello, but then, if you want something creamy, with the mouth-feel of fat, then just have the jello with vanilla ice-cream.

Anne came by, so I offered her the cold coffee with vanilla ice-cream, since the jello hadn’t set.

Next time, I’ll try making tea jello. We were given two bags of jasmine tea leaves as wedding favors. I’m not a fan of jasmine tea, since I think it’s too ordinary, too floral, and at dim sum it doesn’t cut the grease as well as pu-erh. But I’ve been making ice tea out of the jasmine, and it’s not too bad.

The last time Anne was here was for the joong party a couple of weekends ago. This year’s difference was that (1) my dad’s sister Aunt P. came for the first time, and had us making lotus leaf joong (bigger) and red-bean paste joong (desert). Each year, Uncle YY has asked me if I would make red-bean joong each time I announced the joong party, and my response each time was, “You are perfectly welcome to bring red-bean paste and make your own red-bean joong.” He never showed up.

I am not a nice niece. Aunt P. is a nice sister-in-law, because she made the red-bean joong for him! (He didn’t show up this year either.)

This year’s other innovation is to cook the joong in the slow-cooker. Overnight. It turned out pretty well. But we still had to cook most of them on the stove-top, because our slow-cooker capacity is quite limited.


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