Lagniappe 2010-2011

This year’s edition was mostly compiled by Joe. Credit or blame goes to him accordingly! And for the first time, it’s available through the cloud. Contact me here if you want details on how . . .

  1. Hawaii Five-0 theme – The Ventures
    A fan at Comic-Con was busy taking shots of Grace Park while texting “she couldn’t act her way out of a bag.”
  2. Save Me, San Francisco – Train
    Heard the single in Uluru in Australia, long before the single was released in the States.
  3. Rocketeer – Far East Movement
    “Like a G6” was overplayed, and Joe is still bitter about the Giants overtaking the Padres.
  4. The Swan  –  Camille Saint-Saëns
    The origins of the meringue desert known as the Pavlova is hotly disputed between the Kiwis and Aussies. One thing they would agree on is that ‘The Dying Swan’ was a signature dance of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.
  5. New Years –  Ohbijou
    2010 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival featured theme song from indie Toronto band.
  6. The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) – Black Sheep
    Memory jarred by In Living Color re-run.  Has it really been twenty years?
  7. The Walls  – Survival Guide
    Bay Area band heard on local indie hour on radio airwaves—not streamed.
  8. Lovesong – Adele
    Celia did the math and realized that Adele hadn’t even been born when the original Cure version was a hit.
  9. I’ve Done Everything For You  – Sammy Haggar
    You may be more familiar with the cover version from the Australian singer.
  10. I Love Trash –  Oscar the Grouch/Sesame Street
    Curmudgeons are usually more entertaining than the normal shiny, happy characters
  11. I Should Be So Lucky – Kylie Minogue
    Our innkeeper at Cape Tribulation, Queensland, said she would request Kylie on New Year’s Eve to cheese off the DJ.
  12. Truganini – Midnight Oil
    Another in the line of songs about Aborigines from the Australian group.
  13. Psychedelic Sally  –  Eddie Jefferson
    KCSM never fails to introduce a zinger in Celia’s life.
  14. I Send A Message – INXS
    We wondered, “How many bands do we know from Australia?”
  15. Golden Gaytime – The Bedroom Philosopher
    Somebody needs to import this iconic ice cream bar from Down Under over here.
  16. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC
    Made the pilgrimage to Fremantle to see Bonn Scott’s statue.
  17. On Melancholy Hill – Gorillaz
    Band did not have the luxury of this song also being pushed by Apple.
  18. We Are All Connected –  Richard Howell Quintet
    99% + 1% = 100%
  19. Six Months In A Leaky Boat – Split Enz
    Yes, a New Zealand band!
  20. Ladies Of The World  – Flight Of The Conchords
    New Zealand-based comedy duo had a two-year series on HBO.
  21. Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole        A favorite of legendary coach John Wooden (1910-2010).  RIP.



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