The not-the-future-Mrs. Lin is hopping up and down on the bandwagon

Joe being the sports nut, we couldn’t help but be aware of Jeremy Lin (local high school!) when he was playing in college. (The irony as every Chinese kid will appreciate is that Harvard [Harvard!] was his back-up school, when he didn’t a get a basketball scholarship to Stanford, Cal or UCLA.)

Around Xmas 2009/New Year 2010, we went to Cal basketball game with T and his his classmate Brian, who told us he was trying to organize more people to show up to the upcoming Harvard-Santa Clara University game, so Joe and I duly went. Yes, the stands were mostly full of East Asians, and it was great to see an Asian guy be the phenomenal, keep-your-eyes-on-him player of the game.

So we were pretty excited when he got picked up by the Warriors.

Later in October 2010, I sent the following email to T:

“We went to the Warriors pre-season game with your mom and dad (he got us free tix from Facebook!) It’s funny to spend most of a 49-minute basketball game watching to see if a Chinese guy is going to take his clothes off . . . Jeremy Lin only played a minute – poor guy gtes a lot of pressure from the crowd cheering loudly for him. ”
(Obviously, I mean we were all focusing on the bench hoping he’d be shedding his warm-up clothes to be sent in to play!)

And here we are today. I have nothing to add to all that’s being said and discussed, except to note that whenever I’m having a crappy moment/hour/day I just think of the Linsanity and it cheers me up immediately.
Thank you, Jeremy.


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