Luddite compliments

This was too funny. . . on Monday I went to a cafe to do some writing (not editing, but writing raw in my journal).  Someone at the next table said to me “It’s so charming and unusual to see someone write with pen and paper nowadays!” And it was true, there was a laptop at every other table in that cafe. Of course this being in Silicon Valley . . .

But this probably true all over the Bay Area. Especially in the winter when most people tend to stay indoors, due to the cold. It is a bit of a nuisance though, all the cafes are perpetually full and not being able to find an open table. For the last three times I’ve gone to a cafe, it took me a while to find a seat. People are usually nice about splitting a table though. 

The whole start-up, work anywhere culture has made squatters out of cafe customers. People lingering with their laptops, even to surf the net, if they’re not doing anything concrete.  Even if you’re engaged within your own mental bubble with your gadget, you still want to be share the physical atmosphere with other breathing human beings, I guess.  


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