Bon appetit, poulets!

It’s snail season, so we’ve been encouraged to put some effort to picking out and getting rid of the snails in the community garden. In the past I’ve simply squished them underfoot, but one of my colleagues who raises hens for eggs told me chickens love snails. So I picked snails from my garden plot and put them in a lidded yogurt tub one morning and brought them straight into work. When I went by his cubicle, he wasn’t there. So I left them on his chair, and then emailed him that I had left the him some snails as snacks for his chickens.

He emailed back with this:

“Rita and some of the others in Customer Sales and Marketing often bring me goodies like cookies or other sweets. Imagine my surprise when I opened that yogurt container. Those are really healthy looking snails. The hens will love them!”

I hadn’t been thinking: I guess I should have wrote a post-it note and slapped it on the yogurt container instead of email, since he might not check his email before opening the yogurt container. I’m also lucky he’s not squeamish, i.e. if he’d been an uptight kind of senior manager . . that would not have bode well for me!

“Healthy snails. . .” that’s actually not the type of compliment a gardener wants to hear. And then he told me the next day his hens didn’t particularly care for the snails, which was odd because the flock of hens he had last year were crazy about snails. But he was kind enough to bring half dozen of eggs anyway!

I told my mom this story and she said: “You are funnier than the story.  Giving people snails.  Next time you can bring weeds for their compost.”


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