Go Bears!

The Big Game (Cal vs. Stanford football) is always on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year, Cal won for the second year in a row. This one was sweeter because it was at Stanford, where the stadium was awash in a sea of blue and gold. Apparently Stanford students stayed away rather then forking over $52 for Big Game tickets.

In typical Big Game fashion, it was comedic in errors. I was afraid that Golden Bears, though the superior team, was going to hand the game to Cardinal, when we were 0-10 at half-time (it turns out Fredericksen’s field goal was actually good.) I would have felt really bad for my cousin Terry, who flew in from Houston for the game.

Joe and I were there as volunteers for the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition (www.svbcbikes.org) to work the guarded bike parking they provide for all Stanford home football games. There are 4 corrals set up, each corral has 2 or 3 attendants. Each corral gets one stadium pass to watch the most of the game for free. We worked the UCLA-Stanford game, where Joe went in to watch the game. For Big Game, it was my turn to go in to watch.

I didn’t go back into the stadium until late in the 3rd quarter after Cal’s first TD. But then, it was good timing on my part, I caught the rest of the good action. The fourth quarter WAS ours. Final Score 28-16. Cal’s going to a bowl game. Go Bears!


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