Really good service

Joe had an extravagant hankering for lobster pot pie the other night, so we went to Arcadia. We sat down, started perusing the menu for other things. Then they told us they ran out. Another party (of regulars) had ordered 9 pot pies.

These are not cheap pot pies. $42 for an entire suculent lobster and knoblets of truffle swimming throughout, under a crust that does not get limp under the gravy. (The waiter actually carves out the pie crust and ladles out the ingredients for you at the table.)
“You can leave, if you wish,” they said kindly. We decided to make reservations to come back Sunday night and reserve two pot pies. The maitre’d went one extra step. “Let me go see if they’ve delivered this weekends’ lobsters.”
They had. The chef would be happy to make us potpies, but it would take an extra ten minutes. We grinned.

That was rather impressive.


4 thoughts on “Really good service

  1. Hmmmm…this sounds better than Marie Calendar’s Chinese Chicken pot pies.
    Arcadia has excellent service not to mention the food there is very good.

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